Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sometimes I wonder if what I do is really blogging and if what I actually write about is fashion. Existential questions that pop into my mind lately when i try to post something. These kind of questions somehow inspired me to write the last post of the year or first one in a long time, depending on if you see the glass half full or half empty.

 I started my blogging a few years ago doing posts on collections and a variety of themes, the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones about the history of items and those related to music and such. In fact one of my favorite was about a trip to the Corona Capital Music festival in Mexico City and more than a review of what I wore, it was a guide on how i managed to get through the whole experience.

Writing is a thing that has been very well done in my family. My great grandfather and grandfather wrote books and my dad had many stories published in different magazines and newspapers, so you can say its kind of hard to fulfill those high expectations. The quality of their work specially in themes concerning history is something I long to achieve but at the same time scares me to the core, So when a friend suggested I should start a blog, which was something I've never heard of before, it gave me a chance to write without the pressure of being in the eye of critics. 

I would have never though this was going to be something that would open so many doors forme, meeting so many interesting people and doing so many things I would never imagined doing.  But in the end, for me its not about the runways, the parties or the events, its about overcoming my own insecurities and inner fears.

 I'm just the kind of person that thrives on the emotions that things bring. Clothes give me emotions, they can transform me into just about anything and most of all they can give confidence when your are lacking of it, or at least that is how it works for me.

My first post, I think was about barbie, so if you actually analyze it has not that much to do with fashion itself, others where about my trips and it became like a journal of how an ordinary person could do ordinary things and turn them into something worth reading about just because she dressed the part. The one responsible for the real fashion content was my blog partner at that time, the famous "Beardo" Mynor Veliz.  He is like a scholar on the arts when it comes to fashion so no wonder his blog turned out to be one of the most popular blogs with content that people actually read.

After fate decided we should part our own way, Life in Plastik, our little experiment had been something that inspired others or so I've been told. Still I was unsure of what to do, due to my history of unfinished projects the blogging thing was something that was sure to be overthrown by some other crazy idea of mine. I never finish things, the fear takes the best of me, so i guess being able to write this today is a huge step. 

Just fashionably depressed is a reflection of who I am, I'ts not constant,but It is passionate, real and most of all true to itself. I would never dream of compromising the person that has taken me more than 30 years to be. Even the name reflects the reality i struggle with each and every day. Although Sometimes I think its time to let it go, because my photographs do not have the quality of others, I'm  not as young  or because I haven't really evolved into something more than what you see.

Growing up has never been something I could do easily, neither accepting things and dealing with change, but I'm still trying. I can't say Its a proper fashion blog because It will never tell you what to wear or tutor you on something, but there is something I can promise, It will always take you places and make you feel things. At least is what I'm aiming, to be felt like a movie with the right track on the background.

So this is my blog, It's as far away from perfection as I am.
 Still struggling, but with something to say
Its what I've been doing  since 2008.
keep on reading , because I'll keep on writing.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


I've known this band for about a few years now, formed by the Portillo Brothers and their electronic infused sounds.
As usual I arrived "fashionably late" making an entrance in my red  hooded trench coat by  the mexican designer brand DROPS, because it was raining cats and dogs. We had to walk for about a block because the LUX theather is located in dowtown,  but still made it to the listen to the new proposal this band has in this album. With a much more polished sound and style, the BLACK BOX debut was a success.

I have to warn you my phone took the worst photos ever but we had an incredible time dancing like we used to back in the day when these guys used to play at our favorite bar and art gallery, the NOA.
After the show, the Dj in charge was our "vinyl king" Pablo Lujan with a little depeche mode and new wave anthems that made the night memorable.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BACK TO THE FUTURE: The 90s welcome to the dark side

The 90s was a decade were young girls wanted to feel empowered, therefore who has more power than someone with actual "magic powers". So many movies portrayed the same main character and the same plot , teenagers in touch with the supernatural that werer already struggling  with the horrors of highschool but somehow manage to beat the forces of evil and rise to popularity in the process. All of these a reflection of the youth's search for spiritual guidance that was lost during the consumist vanality of the 80s and caused that huge instropection for the generation X.

The iconic "teen witch" outfit, long layers, dark colors and shiny textures, sometimes leather, others pvc. The laced up boots (actually inspired in real witches shoes back in the day). The dark lips and smokey eyes, to hide away innocence and project strenght, became the uniform for all girls who didnt feel like they fit in and gave them a style that used to be feared, but now was all the rage. This can be clearly seen in the cult movie "The Craft" where Fairuza Balk, the evil witch lost the fight for control over her own little coven against the trully gifted good witch Robin Tunney. We all swooned over the great power they had invoked t hip make that was able to give each of the girls a makeover. They went from being nobodies to looking like cher hollowitz outfits as if clueless had gone goth. But the best part of the whole movie was that scene, when  that made us re think changing our religion to some celtic wiccan belief if that is what it would take to be able to change our hair color with just the swoosh of our hands.

Lets Face it, we all still want a little black magic in our lives and with those all black ensembles some of the designers brought to the runways this season we didnt have to actually sell our souls or invoke some demon to look the part.


The accesory :" The backpack. Its casual yet mysterious, we could have a book of spells or just our daily work planner
The Icon:  Fairuza Balk as "Nancy" from the Craft and  Wynona Ryder  "Lydia" from beetlejuiceThe Update: Keeping the makeup less halloweeny and more mature with the use of only one make up trend at a time. Burgundy lips with just a bit of mascara and Thick eyeliner with glossy lipsThe risk: the wet hair look

 images thanks to:

Monday, July 13, 2015


Lately all of the runways, Tv, magazines, tumblr pics and even the music industry is saturated wth 90's nostalgia. This would be somehow inspiring if it didn't hit home so hard, and instead of saying "how cool that looks" I just keep on going " yup, been there, done that and bought the tshirt (literally).

It is not so bad, just awkward I guess, because with my 33 years of age I can't possibly pretend to wear the same baby tees, I wore when I was 16 and expect to look like a forever21 or American Apparel model.  Instead I would end up getting mocked by Stacy and Clinton on the show "What Not to Wear" and told to dress "age appropiate".

So here I am a 90's survivor trying to enjoy this fashionable dejavu without feeling ancient. The strategy instead is reincorporating some of the things I used to love back in the day to give my outfits that little throwback, but still looking updated and fresh.

This Fall 2015 was filled with looks inspired by what was wore back in the day and I chose my favorite ones being the movie buff and music enthusiast I am, based on a character or musician they remind me of from that decade.
So lets go back to when Mtv had music, Dave Grohl was just a drummer and Captain planet was teaching us how to save the planet, my dear followers welcome to the 90s.


This  was perfect for the grungy punk rebel girls like myself and can still be worn as a statement rock n roll piece paired with the right outfit. I has to be Faux not real.
The accesory :" I'm with the band" or better yet "I'm in a band" attitude.
The Icon:  Shirley Manson from Garbage and Kate Moss
The Update: The use of ankle booties or Thigh high boots  instead of martens or platforms to update the look.
The risk: fishnet stockings

picture source style-config-cell.blogspot.com


stay tuned for the daily post .

Monday, June 29, 2015

MARIE ANNE by Eddy Uker

Sunday morning started with this amazing show by the extraordinary hairstylist, Eddy Uker.
As always we were very late but, finally made it to the grand finale. We didn't get to see the whole show, but had the chance to look at the creations up close and personal. The most outstanding aspect was the complexity of each one of the pieces, the detailing and texture weaved into this breath taking Louis XVI meets this century,  hair dos.

 As in every Eddy Uker's show the best asset of the models is the attitude that is exuded with each step and pose. The perfectly fitted vinyl outfits, the flawless makeup and that darkness that was needed to carry those statement hairpieces to perfection.  Music, visuals and Theatrical atmosphere, what more could you ask for.

Art comes in many forms, in this case it's hair. Congratulations Eddy and thanks for being the artist you are.

Photos by Astrid Anzueto

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


As I grew up and started dressing by myself, my father has always said this to me:

"Just put on a Tshirt"

He probably meant "just get it over with so we can leave" and "Frankly my dear I dont give a damn" and it annoyed me as hell. I came to see the basic tee as a garment you use to as you wash your dog o work out, but now T-shirts are not just something you throw on. They can be styled in many different ways and can create a "wow" factor if worn with the right attitude.

So wearing a boho styled basic tee at work, here is a little photoshoot we did with my friend Sofi using her phone (no filters, raw footage) just for the fun of it.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


"Flannel and tatoos
Crosses and Flowers
Grunge and denim
Piercings and a whole of attitude"

When great minds work together you get nothing but perfection.
Teaming up with the talented King Leo from thekingdomx was an amazing experience because we both love music, movies  and fashion so much.

We came up with this editorial that feels like a 90s flashback with  inspiration of icons such as Shirley Manson from "Garbage", Gwen Stefani from" No Doubt" (yes she was a rebel queen before joining the fashion elite) and the black widow of rock, Courtney Love from "Hole", whose angsty lyrics we could all relate to and whose beauty we coveted.

The principle of the grunge"I dont care"look  mixed with the sexy as hell Calvin Klein's  "Heroin chic" was replicated in the smokey eyes and dark lips in shades of red and wine. The "I woke up like this after spending the whole night backstage" messed up hair in colors and textures that went perfectly with the faux fur, cause in the 90s we actually cared about the earth.

The whole art direction atmosphere was mostly inspired by the cult dark teen movie, "the Craft" where the forces of nature converge with the own power and femininity of the 90s rebel girl who wanted to rule everything, even the supernatural.

With all of these in mind and some of my own memories of a teenage grungy rebel fashionista dressed in plaid and combat boots, we managed to create this



Photography: King Leo
Make up: Rs's Niky
Models: Rosa Flores Ligia Azul Karolina Anzueto Ayau
Stylist: Carolina Anzueto, King Leo
Fashion: Médium
Venue: Crossroads at Cayala

published in http://www.revistaverzus.com/deja-vu/